A Few Words About the Studio

Studio Homage was founded in 2001.
We combine knowledge of the newest technologies and have more than 12 years’ experience in the web site design and custom-made websites for companies and businesses in Israel and abroad.

Studio Homage puts great emphasis on the unique and original Design of each website, to best reflect the nature of the client and business. Layout, colors, and composition are the cornerstones of our website design.

We believe in Professionalism & Reliability


Web site construction requires knowledge and expertise in Internet technology. The first stage in planning a website is:

  • To define the goals of the website
  • To identify the target audience
  • To determine the main message
  • To understand the client’s expectations from the website

This first stage is one of research, checking other websites dealing with similar subjects or products, and determining parameters that will set the client’s website apart from other, similar websites.

Creative Design
The design concept for the website is planned based on the creation of new ideas, an original approach and design that will set the client’s website apart from those of the competitors. The web pages are designed with an emphasis on user experience and all aspects of the visitor’s interaction with the website:

  • Organization of information within the website
  • Design of the User Interface
  • Usability
  • Visual design

Website Construction requires:
Accurate page encoding based on international standards, will cause the website to load faster.

An easy-to-understand user interface allows the visitor to navigate to any page on the website with a minimum of mouse actions.

Designing the website in such a way as to maximize its appearance on desk-top computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Incorporating key words into the site content, constructing internal links, and creating a site map, making the website available and attractive to search engines.


We believe that a satisfied customer is a customer who will return. We are always here for our clients to advise and support, and solve problems, even after the project has been completed and the website is online.

What part does Design play in the development of the website, or does it just play second fiddle to the Content?
There is an approach that says that Content is the most important component of the website, and that the Design is dictated by the Content.
Without denying the great importance of Content, we cannot ignore the fact that we are dealing with the media and visual communication, based on what the eye sees. A well-designed website that attracts the viewer’s attention will also cause the visitor to continue reading the Content. If the Design is not well thought out, the odds are that the visitor will leave the site and move on.

Content & Typography:
Content is an important function of the website. Correct marketing text, font size, color, and formatting (bold, italic) can promote a website’s Content in the search engines.

Content Management System (CMS):
Studio Homage designs websites with a Content Management System based on open- source software. This means that when the job is finished, the site and the CMS belong to the customer. Unlike other companies that operate shared content management systems requiring storage and hosting fees and a monthly payment, CMS based on open-source software requires no monthly fee and, as such, passes to the customer on completion of work.

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