Websites Design

As a Design Studio, it is important to us to design quality websites for our clients, and provide full branding solutions - from the initial site categorization to the design of the website, optimization of search engine accessibility, logo design, image reproduction and professional content writing.

The Studio specializes in:

In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently - out of the box,
and with more creativity.

The way we do this is by:

Building beautifully designed websites.

User friendly and easy to use.

Accurate page coding.

Search engine accessibility.

Responsive site display for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Studio Homage’s web development team will provide the most suitable solution for you.

Dynamic websites with Content Management Systems based on open-source software, and does not require a monthly payment.

Branding - design, stationery, and interactive marketing presentations.

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Mobile Websites

According to Jobinfo experts, the growing entry of smartphones into the market and lowering the mobile browsing costs significantly increases the number of smartphone surfers.
Today more than 68% of online surfing is done with mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have become the main tool for online browsing.

Lite-Site adapts your site to fit into mobile phone screens, and allows the site to be displayed clearly and legibly without needing to move the screen or magnify the Content.

Lite-Site allows for Design on Demand. Unlike other sites built on identical templates, we will design for you a website that will match your regular website, icons and design that will reflect the unique nature of your business.

Lite-Site Lite-Site runs alongside your existing site. A bar code on the main page identifies the source, and displays the custom-built mobile site on a smartphone or the normal site for a desk-top computer or tablet.

Combined content management system for both desk-top and mobile devices, so that both can be edited and synchronized at one time.

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Our Vision

We believe that websites in general and mobile websites in particular should look good.

We believe that the presentation of large amounts of information should be elegant and artistic, and that the internet should become a gallery of intriguing and thought-provoking websites that are fun places to visit.

And we especially like to do what we do best…

יצירת קשר

Please feel free to contact us for more details.